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  • The Mosaics

  • A Beats & Culture series
  • Released by Melting Records
  • December 15, 2019


Haling from Athens, Greece, Moderator has been producing his brand of cinematic beats since 2012.

His 2015 debut album The World Within established Moderator as a serious player on the downtempo/trip-hop scene, converting head-bobbing fans and radio support from around the world.

His latest work Sinner’s Syndrome hit the #1 best-selling album on the Bandcamp music platform.

Dazzling with a distinctive production style that leaps across genre boundaries like lounge, hip hop, Italian horror film soundtracks, dub, Memphis soul, and even rockabilly are among the influences that phase in-and-out of Moderator’s songs.

It’s like calmly turning the radio dial to a random station, yielding a surprising but pleasant discovery.


Athens, Greece

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The Mosaics
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Sinner's Syndrome
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Street Bangerz Volume 10
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The World Within
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